by Motivation on February 13, 2016

k2-_2a67d06b-aeb5-4860-a6b4-230734f9e82a.v1You can love anything. You can love a day of the week, you can love a particular kind of food, you can love a song and you can love a sound. You can love anything.

Love is available to you in every space you enter. I encourage my clients to tap into the way they feel about the simple things they love as often as they are able.

When you know what you love and why you love it, you better understand what you want from the life you are living, work you are doing and people you are doing it with.

This time of year,  the message is that love is best and truest when it is shared with a romantic partner. I believe that kind of love emerges more fully and completely when we have achieved an understanding of ourselves and of love in general.

When I work with teams of people, the biggest transformations happen in the room when we talk about what we love.  Usually that is something other than what they do for a living.  I love:

  • Performing improv comedy
  • Being a mother
  • The smell of freshly cut grapefruit

If your connection to what you love is clear,  you are more fun to talk to and twice as likely to engage those who are listening to you for a sustained amount of time.  You’re likely to make a greater impact and reach an outcome you hoped to reach with your audience.

Add up the things you love and remember this list. This exercise will help you to remember where you are getting love right and will eliminate the wasted time you’re yearning for something you do not have.

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