Subscription Package for YES Minders


We’ve all heard of Masterclasses and understand the power of the consistent gathering of like-minded leaders. In that vein, I have created YES Minders, my 6-month Bi-Weekly Training Series.

Invest in consistent time to improve and build upon your strong communication skills with like-minded professionals.

YES Minders Subscription Package Includes

  • A 30-minute, group coaching call, beginning September 12th and continuing the second and fourth Wednesday of every month.
  • Recording of the calls
  • An interactive YES Words Workshop in NYC in the fall of 2018 (Date TBD)
  • Being part of a community of YES Minded Professionals who want to speak less and say more and streamline ALL their communication
  • Membership in a private Facebook group for on-going training
The first 25 YES Minder subscribers receive a private coaching session with Jeanne, a $750 value!

What outcomes will subscribers enjoy?

  • Turn conversations into clients
  • Network and build long-term professional relationships
  • Direct conversations that frustrate you to something positive for YOU
  • Speak about yourself with greater confidence and less effort
  • Listen for leads
  • Deliver your message with consistency and clarity on ALL social media platforms
  • Develop systems to communicate in the areas where you find the most difficulty
  • Be on the call from anywhere and get the benefit of the support you need to be more mindful in ALL your communication!

This package is an over $1000 value and is being offered for $200

To purchase your subscription, please click here and if you have any questions please submit to