by Motivation on December 15, 2015


In the past week, two clients told me they would like to develop the skill of “being brief”.  They feel they talk too much therefore sounding less confident when they communicate.

Mastering and knowing when to activate this skill can mean closing an important deal or simply empowering a colleague or someone we love to something greater.

More than ever, there are forums to share what we know, and the content to communicate and share is endless.  Some forums give us a chance to post as much as we like and others require that we say what we need to say in a certain amount of words. Have you ever tried to make your point in 140 characters or less on Twitter?  A lesson in brevity!

The most powerful communicators establish and adhere to a pattern with their messages which they design to be extrapolated upon or dispensed in sound bites. They have perfected this skill by knowing who their audience is and what the audience responds to or wants. They also survey or take the temperature of their audience on a regular basis so they’re privy to the changing needs of their audience.

Become a great communicator and master brevity with these simple steps:

  1. Pause to give.
    Think about saying nothing before you think about saying anything. Before you speak, pause; be your own survey collector and listen for offers in the space. After you pause and receive offers, you know what to give. A perfect improv scene begins and takes off with this technique.
  2. Repeat what was said.
    Repeating what someone else has said and affirming and thinking “yes and” helps you to get out of your head and stay with the conversation in that space. Great improvisers practice this during the give and take with characters they have created. Many times we get caught up and say more than we need to because we forget to take what has been given.
  3. Follow your favorites
    Limit the feed in your social media outlets to follow your favorite communicators. Let them inspire you to go deep inside yourself and uncover your most powerful words so you can use them the way you were meant to. Enjoy being immersed in the topics you love the most and from the inspiration alone you can uncover crisp messages and learn to deliver them concisely and feeling confident.

My goal for every client is that they increase the number of times they feel effortless when they communicate. When we master being brief, effortlessness ensues.

Get effortless in both your personal and professional communication through one-on-one and team training.

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