by Motivation on January 11, 2017

lin-manuel-miranda-hamiltonChristmas Eve morning I woke up at 4:30 from a GREAT dream. My subconscious was so active that when I woke up I felt like I was finishing an actual conversation I was having in real time and I felt really motivated.

I dreamt that Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of “Hamilton” The Musical (as if I need to tell you who he is) called to say he’d like to be a speaker at my networking dinner.

He was kind and humble and really interested because he’d heard about the event from a friend and, initially, I thought he was calling to talk about his friend being a guest speaker. The details on who the friend was (in the dream) were shaky but his desire to communicate with me about my event was clear and by the end of the call it felt like we’d become great friends.

Then I woke up.

I’m sharing my dream to illustrate that great offers are presented to us in every space we enter and it happens to you too. In an improv scene, an Offer is something the improviser recognizes and uses to help them move the scene forward.  Something new and often funny is created.

I saw the dream as an offer and as a result I assembled a list of people I would like to advise and work with for keynotes, workshops and have as guest speakers for my dinners.

How can you spot an offer?

  • Offers are unexpected and when they first present themselves you might think, “I’ll do that later” or “That’s crazy”. This happened to me before I realized it was time to write my upcoming book. More on that in my February blog!
  • The offers – that are the most valuable – come to you from people you really like and admire and when they first happen, you often feel separate or unworthy of the next move.

What happens when you say YES to offers?

  • You learn to get outside of your comfort zone more often – where you want to be as often as possible – because you GROW outside your comfort zone.
  • You receive the invitations you want from more new people.
  • You end up saying YES to less because you’ve learned to receive only the offers you need for now. Interactions are easier because you’ve increased your confidence and are communicating more clearly what value you have to offer.

While my conversation with Lin Manuel Miranda happened in my dream – and not in real life – it’s helped me to be alert to what is in front of me. It motivated me to take action and think bigger than what I’d originally planned.

My hope is that hearing about the offer I received helps you to wake up to possibilities in front of you.  Let this be YOUR YES year!







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