A YES Life By Labor Day


Summer. I call it the Middle. The pause, the regroup, the replenish.

The Beginning starts with January: goals, resolutions, commitments.  Ambitious plans.

Summer gives us the deep, relaxing breath.
The weather is warm, people are happy, vacations are planned and families are reunited.
Commitments both professional and personal seem to take on an easier, lighter feel.

By the time Labor Day rolls around,  the pressure resumes to complete the year with fulfilled goals. Where did the time go?  Are you ready, equipped with the tools to finish your year, to make The End the ending you planned?

I am offering a very powerful and exclusive offer for one-on-one coaching for 8 Weeks.

One hour a week. On the phone or Skype.
No rushing anywhere to make appointments. On your time, in your space.

Launch your year end with the tools to hit the goals you set for yourself in your career and your relationships.

Do you want to finally resolve old conflicts, and go forward with the tools to handle new ones effortlessly?
Do you want to generate positive outcomes in your relationships?
Do you want to create a space so that you are working with people that you want to work with?
Do you want to be heard and make an impact in every space you enter?

“A Yes Life By Labor Day” will include:

8 one-hour coaching sessions on the phone or SKYPE – your choice, and will cover:

  • First, your story.  This is about YOU.  Let’s identify the script.
  • Uncovering the history.  Past reactions, past events.
  • Feedback.
  • Examining the transformations that have occurred as a result of your past.
  • Examining the life you are living now. Those relationships you are enjoying, those that you are not.
  • Discovering the power you have to improve your relationships.  You’re in charge of this space.
  • Discovering the power you have to get what you want.
  • Communication skills and tools so that you may make decisions clearly, get what you want, and say YES to every space you enter!

You will leave with a relationship map, improv exercises to use and laugh with in your life, and a follow-up webinar.

A client on board for this already says:

“I’m tired of having the same things come up year, after year.  I’m going to be 53 and I want to be happier and spend more time doing what I love.  I like the idea of doing this with improv.  I tried other coaches and there were formulas to getting back on track, it just didn’t feel natural.  You make me laugh and feel better, Jeanne. I’m looking forward to investing in me this way.”

Start of program: July 1st.
Please reserve quickly, space will fill up fast!
Schedule 20 minutes with me to see if it’s a fit for you.
Send me an email to confirm.