About Jeanne M. Stafford

My mission is to help you find greater joy at work and in life by arming you with usable and compelling communication skills. I want a room full of people to leave stronger, lighter and more powerful than when I found it. My goal for you is transformation.

A Fearless Communicator

My life would change forever the day I walked into a comedy improv class over 22 years ago. Here was a community who wanted to laugh as much as I did! Funny doesn’t happen alone and as terrified as I was of performing comedy, it was the group dynamic and transformation that would have a profound effect on both my professional and personal life.

A Tireless Optimist

The beginnings of my career included over 15 years as a political fundraiser, working on the campaigns of Presidents, Governors and a Mayor. I am fanatical about staying informed and exercising your right to use your voice. I served on non-profit boards in education and the arts and continue to serve on three boards today. I learned that asking people for money is an arduous task and one that can only be done by a pathologically optimistic person who is driven by passion for what they are selling.

A Committed Parent

As I entered motherhood, my next valuable lesson: listening. When my oldest turned three, I would enter the special education world, which would test and tap areas of me I didn’t know existed. There was no manual for this and everything I thought I knew about being a mother no longer fit into the box. Children need tools to thrive and once I really listened, I was able to give them what they needed. Once again, I learned the power of YES.

The science and foundation behind the creation of a funny scene – giving and saying YES to every space you enter – became a metaphor for the life I wanted to live: listening,
accepting without judgment, and building. I knew I had found my true passion.