“I met the amazing author last fall in an industry conference where I was captivated by her presentation. She mentioned her book and immediately I purchased it!! She has several powerful messages here that we all need to be reminded of, just sent it to one of my amazing friends for her birthday I know she will also love it! Thanks for sharing this message with us!” – Gigi Pantelidis

“After reading my book of 4 Steps to YES- I knew I had to get this for my book group girl friends. It is an easy to read wonderful super helpful lovely book. I was fortunate to be able to have the author personalize each of the six books. Little did I know that the author wrote a personal note in each book to my friends. These books which I gifted my book group brought happy tears and joy. They were so happy and surprised at how well the author knew them even though she had never met them. Thank you Jeanne Stafford for this gem of a book!” – DDV