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Who takes care of you?

Most of us have a tough time answering this.  Most of us know who we take care of but not who takes care of us.

This may be because the answer is so simple, it’s hard to imagine it’s true.

The person who takes care of you is you.

It is possible to train yourself to understand that you have enough power to take care of your greatest and most immediate needs.

When you train yourself to do this you’ll remove years worth of stress and fatigue.  This includes the stress and fatigue built up from the past and the stress and fatigue lurking in your thoughts about the future.

You can become an expert at your care and then someday, when it’s time to ask for it from someone else you will do so with very little effort.  You will be able to do so from a place of inner power instead of that of a victim who has never been cared for.

This year I had to ask for a lot more care than I have ever had to ask for and it was the most unnatural and uncomfortable thing to go through.   This was time for Jeanne to learn something new. What I learned was it’s easier to receive from others when you have learned to give to yourself.

Caring for yourself is how we get better at communicating what we want from the world and getting it!  The result is that more people want to help us, care for us and learn from us.

As you head into summer there are plenty of opportunities to make this important change.  These are my four steps to get there.  Why four steps?  Because I love the number four and when I use it in any strategy, I feel like I am focused.  It’s a way of caring for myself by simplifying my thoughts.  See how easy that was?

Four Steps to Your Daily Caring Strategy

1Write down the things you want to make easier. Make the list short.  What do you want to make easier? Is it streamlining the format for how you create content like the example I gave above? Would you like to get that bank app to make check deposits easier?  Do you want to set a reminder on your phone to take a five-minute break?  Do you want to get up earlier so you can start the day with a mediation or prayer or have time to read or time to write?

2. Connect with your INTENTION behind the step for your care. Will creating your own rules for writing help you deliver better content faster? (My answer is YES to that).  Will getting up earlier help you to feel more productive?  Communicating intention helps to deepen the trust you have in your own decision making.  When it comes to trust, the trust you have in YOU is the most important trust you can have.

3. Celebrate ANY success you have. If you accomplish anything tell yourself how proud you are when you consciously get this done. If this is less than what you hoped for, shorten the list.  You have ENOUGH on your plate and this is the reason that caring for yourself is on your mind.  You have the power to shorten your list, so exercise your power!

4. Tell someone you adore what you are doing and how you FEEL. See if they want to get on the care bandwagon, too. I’ll bet they’ll say…YES!

Write, Connect, Celebrate and Tell!  Those are four things you can do easily and then by the end of summer when someone asks who cares for you, your answer will be simple.  “Me!”

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