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Jeanne eventThere are so many spaces in a day where we hear what we are doing wrong and how we can do better.  The news, social media and our own heads generate lists of how we can improve. As those lists grow, so does the drain on our energy field.

Let’s renew, celebrate what we are doing right and give ourselves permission to say that is enough.

Last week, I spoke to a room full of two hundred women and at the end of my keynote, we took a pledge together.  We raised our right hands and I asked everyone in the room to say,

“I’ve got this!”

It felt good to say that out loud and I recommend we do it more often.
Reward yourself for getting so much right.

Part of the work on my summer coaching program, “A Yes Life By Labor Day” is charting clients’ future course based on what they are already doing right.  It’s a wonderful foundation for our approach to transition and change, and gives them a great sense of relief.

I ask clients to think of three things they do really well and to get it started, I give them mine:

Three things I get RIGHT!

  1. I know all the words to “American Pie”
  2. I have beautiful handwriting
  3. I make the best zucchini bread you have ever tasted

A simple start and an effective exercise in giving yourself credit where you’re getting it right.
Now, let’s use the Summer so that you have more of that, in both your professional and personal goals.

Are you ready to have  “A Yes Life By Labor Day”?

There are a few slots left for my 8 week-summer program.
Please contact me to schedule a 20-minute consultation for more details.

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Andrea Diamond July 1, 2014 at

1. You do have the most beautiful, elegant handwriting
2. I have tasted your zucchini bread and think it delicious
3. I too know all the words to American Pie. In fact I believe we heard that song every Sunday night at… I think it safe to say we learned the words together


Jeanne July 1, 2014 at

YES AND you are right we sang it into the night and early in the morning on MANY occasions!!! We’ll save those details for another blog post this summer as people reminisce best roommate stories!


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