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With Gloria Feldt

The messages of conflict presented to us in the news every day may keep us from feeling like we have control over what happens in our lives.  Now more than ever, we need to uncover ways to communicate successfully.

I said YES to an invitation to speak alongside the former President of Planned Parenthood, Gloria Feldt.  The event was held by the Founder of the 6 Figures Network, Jan Mercer Dahms,  who wanted to start a conversation about how women can play a more significant role in politics.

Gloria and I knew we would like each other, despite not agreeing politically.  We had both been in numerous situations where we had to communicate in the face of adversity about our cause.  We were both experienced at staying on message despite anything being thrown our way.

Over 50 professional New York City women were present at this interactive talk.  The last guest given the chance to ask a question decided instead to give us feedback.  She said, “I want to thank you because I just listened and watched as the two of you had a conversation.  With everything going on in the political discourse today, I did not come here expecting that.  Thank you for showing us that it can be done.” My work here is done!

THAT is what good, solid, positive, proactive communication is.  Making the space to learn something new and realizing with great humility that when we do this, we will be transformed,  feeling better both about ourselves and others.

THAT is why I am a devotee of YES and committed to training others to seeing their YES.  When we stay connected to what we are here to do, then we are better at staying on message and creating successful outcomes.

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