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I came for groceries and left with an unexpected gift.

Armed with my shopping list, I recently set off to the grocery store. I usually have one member of my brood with me to make the task move quickly. This time I was alone.

When I got to the aisle where the case of water (I buy every week) is housed I realized I needed help or was gong to skip getting the water.  I moved to the deli section (one aisle from the water) and in back of a guy who looked a little older than my sons.

I asked if he could help me by lifting and putting a case of water in my cart.  He immediately said yes and as he put it in my cart I thanked him and told him I recently had minor surgery and was not supposed to lift anything heavy because of my stitches.  He said, “No problem at all. I’m glad you asked.”

With the focus back to rest of my shopping, I completed my weekly duty.

Walking out to the crowded, dark parking lot I started to think about how I was going to get the case out of the cart.  I thought I would try to lift it or leave it in the cart if I felt any pain.

Then I saw the same guy who helped me.  He was standing in the parking lot waiting to help me put the case of water and all my groceries in the car!

I had tears in my eyes and thanked him over and over.

His name was John, he recently graduated from SUNY Maritime and is an engineer working in the city.  On this day he was an angel.

The gift of his unexpected action will stay with me. He helped me to remember how we can support and stay attentive to people in the littlest ways and give the biggest gifts.

Today and all throughout the year may we be as attentive to the needs of others more often than we are not.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Alan Allard December 23, 2017 at

Jeanne, that’s one of the best stories I’ve ever heard. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well! Alan


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