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simpleWe are all very different and yet, we all want the same things. We want to be happy and feel successful. Getting to this seems much harder than it’s ever been before.

We’re having a hard time because there are more places than ever to communicate.

We’re posting, emailing, texting, talking on our phones. We’re communicating with loved ones, professional networks, new friends, old friends, people with shared interests and different opinions.

Then we become overwhelmed and stuck.  When we are stuck, we cannot move forward.

As I enter my sixth year hosting Jeanne Stafford’s Networking Dinner, I realize this event has become important to people. The feedback I receive is how great it FEELS to be in a live space, to meet people, hear from a diverse spectrum of guests and speakers and talk about what matters to us.

It’s become an extension of my workshops and keynotes and a space ANYONE can join.

To help my guests to become unstuck, I shared three steps to achieve momentum in conversations at home, at work AND on social media. That last one seems to be causing the greatest amount of stress for my clients.

3 Steps to Simple Communication

1.) Be Consistent

Know what you want to communicate and be consistent with those messages. When you consistently communicate simple messages, people learn what you are about and the people you want in your life arrive.

2.) Be Resistant

It’s tempting to engage in communication about things outside of our focus especially the things we see on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – we know the messenger and/or the topic may tug at our hearts. Resist this temptation and you will increase your ability to get back on track and be a more disciplined communicator.

3.) Be FREE

The opposite of freedom is imprisonment and our THOUGHTS can keep us imprisoned. When you train yourself to let go of the things that you are bothered by, you are free to see more of the opportunities in front of you. Most of the things holding us back are memories about where we’ve been and what went wrong when we were there.

To enter a space free of thoughts from the past and free from wants of the future –  is to be free.

You can get there with patience, discipline and devotion to this practice of simplicity – and the larger practice of saying YES!








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