Georgina Jones

“I believe that positive people and positive places create a more positive world and its my life’s purpose to create a positive world.”Georgina

Georgina comes to the world of motivational and team coaching with a background that speaks to her diverse, creative and passionate spirit.  Co-founder of  Sing and Inspire, she utilized the power of the voice and the joy of singing to get companies to work together in engagement exercises to improve productivity and raise morale.  This unorthodox but powerful insight into using entertainment techniques to humanize and highlight workplace dynamics is a perfect compliment to the improv-based techniques of Jeanne M. Stafford.

Georgina has appeared on HTV news, BBC news and her own TV program, It’s Good to Sing, an incredible story of cancer patients changing their lives through choir.  She coaches and mentors youth in programs through the Welsh government and teaches adults presentation skills at Cardiff University.  Her many entrepreneurial recognitions include the 2011 Welsh Women Mean Business Award for “Best Woman in Media/Creative Business”.

The latest venture to come from this inspirational and upbeat Welsh woman and friend is TLO, Turn Your Lights On, a coaching movement for empowerment, which we are so fortunate to have shared with us at our next networking dinner on May 7th!  Get your tickets soon!