Improvisor’s Mindset

Improvisor’s Mindset

Master Your Mind with The Improvisor’s Mindset 

With Co-Hosts Dion Flynn and Jeanne M. Stafford

Join Dion and Jeanne for an Open Free Session on Wednesday, April 8, from 1PM-2PM EST by clicking the button below.

We are quarantined for the next 15 to 60 days. Those days will pass either way. So, why not invest in some highly effective, live online coaching? In this open free coaching you will come to terms with what blocks you and emerge on the other side with a new Improvisor’s Mindset for playing in an uncertain world.

There has never been a better time in history to master your thoughts and to embrace The Improvisor’s Mindset. Join life-long improvisers, professional speakers and coaches Dion Flynn and Jeanne M. Stafford as they share their 50 years of combined experience.

He played Barack Obama for 10 years with Jimmy Fallon and she worked alongside Rudy Giuliani for 7. If these two can improvise together, they can sure teach you to work with any person, place or situation that comes your way using The Improvisor’s Mindset.  

Join Jeanne M. Stafford and Dion Flynn for a free open free session.