In March of 2020 when the world was shuttered at home, I was thrilled to join forces with Dion Flynn, fellow speaker, improviser and comedian from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to present improv classes to audiences virtually.

We had no idea where it would go, we only knew something inside of us said, YES, KEEP GOING!

Week after week our Zoom room filled up with actors, small business owners, journalists, authors, speakers, investment bankers, yoga and Pilates instructors, military personnel, government workers and more.

On the occasion of the one-year anniversary of The Improvisor’s Mindset, we enhanced our training in order to serve the specific wants of our participants.

**The 30-minute weekly session at 1pm will remain FREE and open to all.

Immediately following this session, I will run Improv for Business and Dion will run Improv for Actors.

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In Level Two Improv for Business, you’ll learn how powerful and efficient resolutions result from learning that the basis of all conflict is the same. Once grasped, this knowledge is translated into activating Y.E.S. – Your Energy Source – to produce solutions instead of prolonging or compounding problems.

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