Open Free Sessions

Open Free Sessions

Wednesday, April 8st, from 1PM to 2PM, spend one hour with coaches Dion and Jeanne FREE on Zoom.


All you do at 1PM is click on the button.

We have the following Open Free Sessions available:

Wednesday, April 8th 1PM

Friday, April 10th 1PM

Any questions?  Reach out to

Your Questions. Our Answers.

Will the link be to a video call?


Will I be on video?

Only if you want to be. 

What are the steps for getting on this live call?

A screen will appear with an image of a mic and of a camera.

They will have red lines through them.  

You will want to click on the mic so you can be heard. 

You then click on the camera to be seen. 

It is possible to be on the call without the mic or the camera?

You will still be able to hear Dion and Jeanne.

Can someone help if I have trouble with this?

YES.  Please log on at least 5 minutes before so we can assist you. 

What do I need to have ready for the call?

Your open mind and a pad and pen because Dion and Jeanne talk fast.  There will be massive take-a-ways.