Level One and Level Two Coaching


Level One – FREE


Coaches Dion and Jeanne open their Zoom Room

every Wedneseday at 1pm for 30 minutes of FREE improv and coaching.



Level Two – 4 Week Workshop for Limited Participants


It’s been a pleasure to share an hour of the Improvisor’s Mindset with so many great improvisors of every level!  In response to a cry for more personalized coaching, Dion and Jeanne have launched The Improvisor’s Mindset – Level Two for 90 minutes every Wednesday.




Any questions?  Reach out to YES@jeannemstafford.com



Your Questions. Our Answers.

Will the link be to a video call?


Will I be on video?

It is optimal. 

What are the steps for getting on this live call?

After you click the button above, you will be in a waiting room until the session begins. Once the session begins, you will be muted and on camera.

Can someone help if I have trouble with this?

YES.  Please log on at least 5 minutes before so we can assist you. 

What do I need to have ready for the call?

Your open mind and heart and be ready to have some fun.