What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn

To treat the unknown as a gift and move through “bad” situations.

To honor and use the Improv Way in your life.

To care for yourself in a time of stress. 

To strengthen your immune system by moving through your fears quickly.   

To conduct deep dives into solving your problems.

That all abundance comes from relationships.  

That the basics of Improv are the basics of human relationship. 

And how The Improvisor’s Mindset will help you with:

Acceptance of New Ideas

Openness to others

Flexibility in Thinking

Innovative Understanding

Building Empathy

Navigating Disruption

Overcoming Fear of Failure

Taking Risks

Tolerating Vulnerability

Building Empathy

Self Confidence

Listening to Others

Practicing Presence

Increased Awareness

Suspending Self Judgement

Tapping Intuition

Building Empathy

Thinking Outside the Box

Role Play for Difficult Conversations

How to move from Stuck to Unstuck