Your Investment

Choose Number of Sessions

1 month = 4 Sessions = $2060

3 month = 12 Sessions = $5,580 ($600 savings)

6 month = 24 Sessions = $9,960 ($2,400 savings from monthly rate)

*All processing fees are included

Your Questions, Our Answers

Can I sign up for one month only?


Can I sign up for two months only?


After I join for one or two months can I join for more?

Yes, IF there are slots left.

This group is limited to 12 participants as the work is deeply tailored. Once the Improvisor’s Mindset is launched, we will create a waiting list for the overflow.

The moment you sign up you will be slotted into a calendar.  When your four sessions are over the people on the waiting list will be slotted in.  This way we will keep it at 12 participants.

When we get to 12, the overflow will automatically be slotted into the next month. In the event we get to a large overflow we will add a new Improviser’s Mindset group.

This work is fluid and the model is set up to uncover agility in participants as we move from week to week and month to month.

Can I pay in increments?

No. To maximize the efficiency of the product we have made the investment clear, easy to understand and scaled. 

I’m interested.  What are the next steps?

  1. Please click here to secure your slot
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from Shanon Tranchina
  3. Shanon will confirm your investment and provide you with a calendar for the calls according to the time frame you signed up for.
  4. Shanon will also confirm which email you prefer to be linked to the SURVEY you will receive two days before each Master Mind.
  5. This survey helps Dion and Jeanne tailor to your specific issue so we can solve it on the call.  
  6. It is not necessary for you to fill out the survey, but it does help maximize our investment.  We are keeping this group small so we can truly deliver massive, personal take-a-ways.