Saying YES! An Interview with Jeanne M. Stafford

April 2020

Today, Silver Disobedience sits down with: Jeanne M. Stafford, Devotee of YES.

Jeanne M. Stafford is a speaker, coach, improvisor, and mother of two strong men.  Her methods infuse her experience in these roles and a background in politics to help people navigate conflict with ease. Jeanne’s clients and audiences learn to communicate the Power of YES as they simplify, streamline and strengthen their spoken and written words increasing productivity at work and home. Read more here

Communicating Through Conflict Thinking YES

January 23, 2019
Jeanne Stafford’s mission is to help you find greater joy at work and in life by arming you with usable and compelling communication skills. She wants a room full of people to leave stronger, lighter and more powerful than when she found it. Her goal for you is transformation.
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Stress Free Now

February 3, 2017
Podcast hosted by talented coaches Bob and Christine Wright.  We talked about how to communicate succinctly and I shared “The 3 Things That Contribute to Missed Communication”.
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iHeartRadio – Anger911 Radio: “Communicate Rationally When You’re Angry”

October 21, 2015
Is it possible to communicate rationally when one or both parties are angry? Jeanne shares 8 Tips in her interview!
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Blog Talk Radio:Women of Golf

May, 2015
Tune in as we talk about the impact women have both socially and business wise, on the golf industry.
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David Essel ALIVE! XM Radio Show

December 14th, 2014
“The Power of YES, simple solutions to make your life lighter and your relationships stronger!
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