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IMG_3597Here we are, a few weeks into a new year!

For many of us it’s time to look at the lists of things we’d like to do, commitments we need to make and things we need to change.

Clean the slate. Start over.

What about the many events we had in 2014?

How did you feel after them?

Do you want to do them again?

Did you meet anyone who made an impact on you?

Would you like to work with them or simply get to know them better?

Are you different in any way as a result of meeting these people or experiencing these events?

What lessons did you learn?

The answers to these questions may provide the insight you need to make room for great things to happen this year. I read in a prayer book that a tree takes with it only what it gets from the sun. Figuring out what you need to take with you into the next year can make the whole experience a lot more fun. Yes, fun!

I am doing this myself with experiences I had last year on three dating websites. Although the goal of the exercise was to find a mate, after the exposure I ultimately uncovered tools within me to be a more effective communicator. The most important lesson was that I am ready to push myself into spaces that may have been uncomfortable in the past. This lesson reminded me that pushing myself out of my comfort zone is the work of saying YES.

There are so many times when we feel uncomfortable and that is often the time when we are set up to learn the most and have the biggest leaps!

As a result, in 2015 I’ll be taking leaps with my public speaking. I teach communication and therefore I am always looking to talk the talk and walk the walk.

My experiences last year told me to take stock of my favorite word, YES. In order to truly embrace my mantra, Say Yes to Every Space You Enter, it’s time for me to push myself into spaces I never entered before.

This year I will publish my book, perform stand-up comedy and talk about my year on EHarmony, Match.com and Tinder as it relates to communication.

This is the year I give myself permission to to say what I want to say. Someone out there may be helped because I am doing this and with that knowledge I am doing it a little more daringly.

As a performer, speaker, mother and creator it’s time for me to take all the lessons I’ve learned and share more freely with my audience.

What are you going to take from last year?

Tell me!

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Sheira Brayer January 28, 2015 at

Hi Jeanne:
I love this post! Just fabulous! I have so much to be thankful for from 2014. I endured many trials and tribulations and ultimately have come away with the knowledge and belief that I am capable! I am capable of going through many difficult situations and not only surviving but thriving! The other huge lesson from 2014 is entering the space of more discipline. Saying YES to discipline is saying YES to the me within (d’ya like that rhyme?)…..
Thank you for your beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring words. You really ARE a master communicator and I wish you only beautiful, sunny, healthy and YES-filled experiences in 2015!


Jeanne January 29, 2015 at

Hello, Great Sheira.
I love your takeaways from 2014 and your rhyming! Bring all that natural humor and joy to every space you enter. That is what people count on from you. Love sharing this ride with you and LOVE your chutzpa!


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