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I have the “model walk” down solid. You know the one seen on the runway, showing the styles for next year?  One hand on my hip, the other dangling like spaghetti, my eyes staring forward, and then a horse-like strut lifting my legs and stomping as I walk.

The model walk comes out when I’m trying to be silly with friends or during an improv warm-up with music.  I love to entertain those around me and get a good laugh.

But aside from the fun that comes from doing the model walk, it’s freeing. The long and lanky woman intent on moving forward to demonstrate the flow of the frock she is presenting.  It uncovers my inner performer, and it feels powerful!

When I enter spaces as a mother, speaker and coach, I’m aware that what I model makes an impact.  If I am suggesting my children read, have they seen me with a book in my hand?  If I’m advising my clients to manage their time well, did I start our call on time and relay how my schedule makes time for self care?  If I am impressing upon an audience to embrace their joy do I smile when I say that and physically appear joyful when I do?

A great way to teach people to be better communicators is to model it.  A great way to teach almost anyone to do almost anything is to model it.

Are you the model you would like to be? Practice these simple steps and see how it feels.

3 Steps to Being a Good Model

  1. Talk the talk and walk the walk. Be what you say you are and do so with conviction.
  2. Listen to your audience:  Make sure you know who you are talking to.  The most powerful way to do that is to get them talking!
  3. Wear it. Believe in what you are modeling and be doubt free and people will see what you are modeling from the energy you generate before you even speak.

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Alan Allard April 2, 2015 at

Jeanne, great post! Wonderful examples to illustrate your point.


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