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hourglassTechnology takes me down. I have no patience with it.  The mere mention of downloads and upgrades makes my heart race.  Stress.

Technology is a vehicle to share my work and multi-task as a parent and person. I want to become “friends” with it because when I do, my life will be easier.

I work with wonderful people who help with my computer and marketing and when they are doing their work, they make it look seamless.  They love what they do and it comes across in their ease with trouble-shooting.  They attempt to show me how to find this setting, or that, but I lock up after only one try.

This is my issue, I can fix it and I will.  I am going to take steps daily to overcome this block.

That brought to mind how different we are in what we do, and what we love to do.  Listening to clients, creating successful strategies for them and giving motivational talks comes very easily to me.  I love what I do.

We are all wired to excel in certain areas, but our experiences also shape how we currently deal with challenges. Do you know what your blocks are? Some insights:

  • Events & people can trigger stress
  • Relationships trigger stress, almost immobilizing at times
  • Past experiences may be keeping you from how you want your life to look and feel

I will continue to tailor my coaching to include this very important topic I hear about – in fact, I can’t wait to debut my podcast series with this! Stay tuned.

Change comes when we want it to.  When we are ready, we can re-make our lives by starting with a plan and patience.

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