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Jeanne eventYou were born with a voice. Your voice gives you the power to communicate what you want from and to every space you enter. You transfer that power to a gadget when you type or text what you want to say.  Don’t get me wrong, I love these gadgets because they enable me to be many things to many people and they give me the chance to convey lots of messages at the same time at record speed.

The use of these gadgets makes me feel empowered in the short run. In the long run they make me feel disconnected.

When we develop a habit of typing in order to communicate any number of messages (instead of speaking) we may experience a few unwanted side effects. We may develop a fear of saying what we really want to say.  We may develop a fear of getting into conflict of any kind.  We may make-up what we think people are thinking instead asking them to tell us what they are thinking.  We may do this over and over again and create miscommunication and waste a lot of precious time.

Here are some suggestions for checking in with yourself when you’re using a gadget.

Dial a number and have a real conversation when you think you have gotten too far into an e-mail or text exchange and it begins to lack clarity.

Notice how you feel when you use your voice.  The inflections you exchange will help to reassure you in the conversation.  When you hear the voice of the other person you may experience relief.

Catch yourself the next time you look at a gadget for feedback and look forward and up.  There is likely someone or something right in front of you that you may not have seen if you were typing.

That’s it!  Awareness is the solution.  These three simple steps will give you comfort when you start using them today.

Your voice is your most powerful tool.  Use it!

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