EVEnt – Let the Present Be Your Guide


Second Anniversary EVEnt!
An evening with dinner, networking and inspiration.
Hosted by Jeanne M. Stafford

Wednesday, June 26th
Martier Boutique
1012 Second Avenue (at 53rd Street)
New York, New York 10022

$95 per person

It is very exciting to be at the two-year mark of this wonderful gathering of amazing men and women.

I was recently inspired after hearing Morgan Freeman speak of his life.  He wondered why for so many years he wasn’t at the level of other actors who seemed to be passing him by.  A profound realization for him: we are all exactly where we are supposed to be at the time we are there.

“When you have made your choice, it is providence that is your guide.”

Forks in the road of our life require choices, and being present and aware prepare you to make the best choices. Wherever you currently are may be the perfect foundation and catalyst for your next life stage and getting the life you want.

Please join me for a discussion and insight on being present, making choices and confidently letting those choices guide your life.

As always, a wonderful goodie bag for all in attendance.

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