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EasierLife is not easy.

I used to work hard to not say that because the focus of my work is what is working. This statement worked against my mantra. It’s hard for me to write and harder to say because all the words surrounding the word YES are light and make it sound like “easy” is part of the package.

The reality is LIFE is hard and my work is to help people uncover something easier, no matter what happens in their lives.  Some endure countless disappointments and are left feeling like the drama will never end.

Recently, I completed my 8-week coaching program with a client and together we uncovered some interesting patterns in a typical day that were contributing to his heavy feelings. He has a crazy schedule with considerable time spent out of the office – his weekends were getting eaten up with emails and organizing his work.

One strategy we uncovered was so effective and easy to implement.
His response: Things seem easier now.

The Fix

Strive for one personal interaction at a time. The best spaces to enter are the ones with beating hearts especially if you are looking for feedback or to be distracted from the thoughts or lists that are making you feel heavy.

Call friends more often instead of relying on social media and texting for personal feedback. Regularly talk to someone outside the sphere of work. Even if it was to have conversations 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there, do this 2-4 times a day.

The outcomes of his new practice:

  • Others were happy to hear from him.
  • He found out he was needed only to listen (not work!) to people who valued and loved him.
  • He thought of great ideas for networking and even planning a vacation by reaching out in person with his voice.
  • Originally he thought the distraction would keep him from getting his work done and he found quite the opposite. The increased human interaction helped to clear up his feeling of dread and sparked his creativity.
  • He experienced relief by hearing how others were doing.

With the same job and the same address and the same life he has increased the number of times things have felt easier simply by reaching beyond his space and entering new ones.  Spaces are filled with offers and a seasoned improviser knows this well.

There is always an easier new space.
There is always time to enter one.

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