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jsTwo weeks ago I put my children on a plane to spend the weekend with my brother and sister-in-law in Minneapolis.

Their early flight meant we had to be at the airport by 5am.  I also had a very important meeting that was months in the planning that started at 9am.  Their flight would take off at 7:15 am and of course I wanted to be there to watch them board.

This preponderance of details was taking over my thinking and keeping me from being present with them until while on the escalator, I glanced down at their handsome faces and turned to take a picture.

From that point on I snapped away. As they headed to the gate, I took a picture. As they ate their breakfast I took a picture. As they sat and fiddled with their gadgets, I took a picture.  After they hugged me and said goodbye and walked past the agents to board the plane…I took one last picture.

My men are a big part of my life right now and the two decades they will spend in this space with me will be over some day.  Then they will be part of my life in a different way.

This was a snapshot in my life and theirs and I woke up just in time to be present in it and trust that everything that needed to happen later would happen as planned.

They boarded the plane on time and I made it home to shower, get the train and arrive at my meeting with ten whole minutes to spare. Because I allowed myself to be affected by the time with my men, I can tell you, I was really relaxed all day.  It occurred to me this whole day unfolded the way it should have because of me, and the awareness that continually shapes my life.  The principles whose foundations steer my communications and actions: Enter Free,  Say Yes,  Give and Receive, Transform.  It’s a very powerful tool when you have the awareness to be in a space, stay in the space and receive in the space.  The space becomes yours.

Summers present many opportunities to get out of our heads, be present, take in what is right in front of us.  Most of these moments seem small, but when added together, the picture is very big.

Take a snapshot and enjoy!

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Kathystafford August 13, 2014 at

I love it….


Patrick Stafford August 13, 2014 at

Thank you for sending the handsome gents, we loved sharing our space with them!


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