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Time_JMS frameThere are events in life that present themselves over and over again and there are events in life that happen only once.

This past month, I watched my oldest son graduate from high school and attend his college orientation.

These milestones went off without a hitch, but not without some struggle and a lot of work to get there. Two months ago when I looked at the calendar and the crunch of events happening at the same time, I felt sick to my stomach.  Then I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I decided to make time for this time.

As I prepared to enjoy the graduation and orientation and the events surrounding both, I took steps to re-direct meetings and tended less to the things I usually do in an ordinary week (although I don’t think I’ve ever had an “ordinary” week).

I knew I needed to be present for the actual events. I knew I needed to carve out the time to process all the emotions.

In my training sessions, clients constantly tell me they need more time, they are strapped for time and what they need is time. When they say it, they seem exhausted and it’s always my goal to frame “Time” for them in a way that gives them control.

Consider these simple steps when you feel stressed about your time:

  1. Put the phone DOWN – OFF – OUT OF SIGHT as often as you are able. When you are looking for your phone to give you THE feedback you are giving your time and POWER away.
  1. Get up earlier – this is your time to feel better about your time. This becomes a form of self-care and when practiced regularly can feel like a mini vacation. Later in the day you will feel less resentment about the time you need to give to others because you will have created time for yourself earlier in the day.
  1. Put the TO DO list down. It will always be there. When you want to make time for important events and people in your life, focus on one thing at a time. We often multi-task because we think we can do it all when in fact, the best way to FEEL good about our time is to focus on what we want from it.

We have 24 magnificent hours presented to us every day and a new moment arrives every second. Our time belongs to us and it takes remembering that.

Time is yours to love and to live fully!




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