Communication is the real work of leadership.”
– Nitin Nohria, President, Harvard Business School

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Working closely with management, I design targeted in-house programs to address issues of motivation, staff morale and social well-being which may be impacting productivity and performance. My approach includes drawing on a range of dynamic techniques aimed at infusing employees with renewed confidence and creativity. Let’s connect on your team needs.


Could Your Team Benefit?

Jeanne M. Stafford TestimonialIf you’ve ever experienced particular difficulty getting departments or individuals to work together, have lost clients because of poor communication, or endured costly mistakes because of “analysis paralysis”, your team could benefit from participating in a bespoke Discussion by Design. Even if you feel your team is running like a well-oiled machine, there is always potential for more effective communication between team members.

What You Can Expect

• Manage, motivate and create more complementary, collaborative teams
• Effective change management through trust and transformative behaviors
• Creativity and innovation as natural responses
• Collaborative negotiation skills to build & retain clients
• Productive decision-making and positive response skills that encourages progress
• Team members engage in ways to become more relevant to the success of their organization

Training Options Include:

  • Ring, Refocus, Rally
    YES Words workshop

  • Communication Transformed
    Monthly work with your team

  • Speaking by Design
    Interactive keynotes tailored to your event

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