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Are you getting the feedback you crave?

I’m not talking about “Likes” or “New Connections” in social media.  I’m talking about hearing what you need to hear in order to know if your message is having a positive impact on your audience.

A coaching client recently said to me, “People think I’m intense.”  I asked if someone had actually said that to her and she said, “No, but in the absence I feedback I’m making that assumption.”

I wondered how many assumptions we all make in a day in the absence of feedback.

Ed Koch, former Mayor of New York, was well known for saying, “How’m I Doing?” He met people on their level and with this simple question was able to engage any audience at any time.  People love to tell you what they think and are flattered you thought enough about them to ask their opinion.

Gathering feedback helps us figure out if we are on the right path to our goals and success.

What is the best way to get feedback?  I have three simple steps:

  1. Identify your safe messengers.  These are people whose opinion you trust and respect.
  2. Ask about a specific topic, telling them why you need the feedback and the goals you have for the results.
  3. Once you implement their feedback, be sure to measure results and and give your messenger this feedback – it will keep them invested and engaged in your goals and provide a constant resource for new feedback.

Are you getting regular feedback from people you trust in both your professional and personal life?  I teach my audiences to communicate effectively so both sides are getting the valuable feedback they need, leaving them empowered to move towards their desired outcomes.

Try these 3 simple steps and please give me YOUR feedback!

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