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iStock_000023510156MediumThis is a big month for most parents. It is the beginning of a new school year for the children we manage on a daily basis and many words apply: binders, tryouts, loose-leaf, lunch money, schedule, test, homework, snack, bus stop, pencils.

Those words, along with the sound of crickets, are a reminder of how nice it can be to return to another year and a chance for our children to start again with new classrooms and new teachers.

It is also an opportunity to think about what we can do better as parents and solve problems before they affect our children.  We can buy all the supplies on the list, we can pack the perfect lunch, we can be on time to pick them up at practice and we can hire a tutor to help them prepare for an upcoming test. We can sit and listen to the stories about their day and respect them when they wish to sit silently and say nothing. We can hug them and tell them we love them and be there when they need us.

We cannot always make everything perfect or prevent the times they will feel defeated and stressed.

What we CAN do is model WHAT to do when things don’t happen as planned.  Share the experiences we have with our “teachers” and how we learn from them. We can talk about our lunch meeting and why we thought it went well. We can talk about the countless “tests” we get through and how we felt we scored or how we recovered when we failed.

As parents we enter “classrooms” all the time and the experience we have in these spaces is worth sharing now. Our children are ready to learn from us.  Communicate to them and help build them strong by teaching how we manage in our own daily classrooms.

Visit my work with Parents if you, your school or group has a special interest for parent-coaching programs.

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Parent Communication Training

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“Every child has a superhero within them.”
– Jeanne Stafford

Communicating Confidence

Jeanne Stafford coaching parentsChildren arrive on this planet with a toolbox and it’s our job as parents to equip them to use what’s inside. It’s easy to blame the system for bullies or bad teachers, but why not empower our little ones to triumph rather than be victimized? By cultivating key communication skills, we can give our children the confidence to face challenges and embrace the road ahead, regardless of the circumstances.

The Challenges of Parenthood

Jeanne Stafford testimonial from a parentAs wonderful as the journey of parenthood is, it’s not always easy and, as parents, we often beat ourselves up for feeling like we’re not doing enough to empower our children. I’m willing to bet that if you’re a parent, you’ve suffered from at least one of the following scenarios:

• Communication blocks with your children
• Lack of confidence in your parenting
• Divisive parenting views with your spouse
• Difficulty communicating with other parents
• Frustration with the education system as it relates to the needs of your child
• Uncertainty of how to react to social parenting awareness, eg. bullying
• Trouble expressing your parenting with those who work closely with our children

How I Can Help

Jeanne Stafford parents coachingThe truth is, your family doesn’t have to suffer or settle for less than you deserve. Reversing or preventing any of the above situations is absolutely doable, and I can help you get there. Learning and cultivating a few key skills will invariably lead to:

• Greater confidence as a parent
• More effective communication skills for your child, spouse and community
• Strategic approaches to get the education system to listen and work with you
• Greater understanding of what is being communicated to you from your child
• Proactive approach to parenting scares and unforeseen circumstances

Program Options Include

One-on-one training sessions with parents

Group workshops for schools, community groups


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