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Last month,  I took a trip with my men, James (16) and Harry (13), to visit a few colleges James is considering when he applies next year.  In six days, we covered five campuses in four states. The trip was planned down to the minute as some of the stops were two hours apart and the tours/visits lasted four to six hours.

We worked as a team for the betterment of one of us. We gathered stats on the schools, we explored the campuses and we toured the surrounding area. We seeked out advisors in the subject areas James wanted to study.  We had an obligation to gather as much information as we could on this trip – this was his FUTURE after all!

Although we had a very purposeful goal on this trip, and it required a serious approach, we also enjoyed other experiences along the way, the PRESENT. A visit with a close college friend was opted for instead of another advisor meeting. Choosing our seats at the welcome/information sessions became a fun game because the front rows were always empty.  These were our seats and we knew exactly where to go in these rooms we had never been before.

We included a visit to an important battlefield. After spending two hours at what we were sure was the right one, we drove to our hotel only to pass the entrance to the real battlefield on the way. We laughed and were barely bothered. We loved what we saw of what we were sure was the real deal.

The trip was one to plan for the future and the greatest moments came when we enjoyed the present.

When you plan your trips this summer, remember these special trip tips:

  1. The front row is always available.
  2. Opportunity for a great connection trumps the plan.
  3. Every site taken in together is the right site.

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Alan Allard May 28, 2015 at


What great life insights woven into an engaging life story. Thanks for the three reminders.

P.S. I also love this: “We worked as a team for the betterment of one of us.”


Ashley Napoli June 20, 2015 at

These tips couldn’t be any more true! What a great way to look at life and how we carry ourselves when we are on the move. Sounds like you had a lovely and productive trip! Thanks for the advice.


Kathy Stafford June 22, 2015 at

Quality time together away from our every day routine is refreshing that time with our children is priceless !


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