This hour on the phone with you is one of the highlights of my week. I am regularly using YES Words in my speaking, and fundraising.” – Lt. General Richard Mills

One-On-One Training

Jeanne Stafford individual coaching
My clients love the framework of YES Words Training.

It is possible for every person be happy at work, make the money he or she deserves, have a full personal and professional life and be heard and understood at home and at work. I’ll help you reach your highest goals both professionally and personally.

Have You:

• Ever lost a client or friend because you couldn’t speak their language?
• Ever avoided a difficult conversation at work or home?
• Immediately dismissed or judged input from a client, family member or friend?
• Panicked over public speaking?
• Lacked confidence to speak up in professional & personal situations?
• Felt you could have done better in a negotiation?

How I Can Help

Jeanne Stafford individual coaching• Become more aware and confident in personal & professional interactions
• Become more comfortable speaking in public
• Practice behaviors and planning for greater influence in your networks & organization
• Learn collaboration, flexibility and acceptance of others
• Learn to accept mistakes and move on
• Learn to listen, be present and focused
• Accept ideas, suspend judgement and learn to build on what’s presented to you