“Jeanne was instrumental in helping me distill my various skills and experiences and tailor them to particular audiences. Her 1:1 coaching results were immediate and profound, with a number of speaking gigs in large venues and panel discussions.”  – Taylor T. Gray, Managing Director, Fieldpoint Private  

Personal Coaching for the YES in You

My clients love the framework of YES Words Training.


Jeanne has a few openings a year for personal coaching and in this profound, deep dive you will enjoy the luxury of a true partner in your growth. Jeanne will listen to what you need to share and capture what you need to know about yourself. Your gifts are immeasurable and deserve to uncovered in a safe space.

In three phases over three months Jeanne will partner with you to answer these questions:
  • How do I show up when I communicate?
  • Where do I direct my fear?
  • How do I handle hurt?
  • How do I listen for the answers I need?
  • Am I aware of what my subconscious is doing while I communicate?
After this 90 day one-on-one approach you will:
  • Communicate all the specific, unique nuggets only YOU know about!
  • Know where you generate the most JOY and feed that space.
  • Effortlessly communicate how you help others.
  • Uncover the gifts your clients will uncover.
  • Share what you know about pain in a transformative way.
  • Reduce triggers in the personal spaces you enter.
  • Develop and maintain joyfilled, productive relationships at home and work.
  • Produce an environment of calm and optimism in ALL the spaces you enter.

Jeanne Stafford individual coachingTo set up a video call to uncover your rise to YES, contact us at YES@Jeannemstafford.com