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Jeanne M. Stafford TeamsI just returned from the Omega Institute where I attended a workshop with Brian Weiss called Miracles Happen, based on his book by the same name.  Dr. Weiss is a leader on past life regression therapy.

The workshop was recommend to me by a friend who had been to one of my talks and thought it would interest me.  On the website I was struck by the description about strengthening your intuition.  This past year I have been connected to my intuition more than ever before and I wanted to be more connected to it. The past life piece just sounded cool.  So I registered.

My first connection was to Dr. Weiss.  He is VERY FUNNY!  His soothing voice and wry sense of humor made it a pleasure to listen to him.  As a group we were guided to deep meditation.  This guided state was similar to that period before you wake from sleep and you are “almost” aware of your surroundings.

Over the weekend we were guided into regressions, progressions and psychometry.

The latter is an exercise in which you hand an object to a partner, preferably a stranger.  They may discover facts about an event or person based on the inanimate object.

My second connection was to Mickey.  We had met the night before after registering.  While walking we introduced ourselves and moved on.  The next morning, in a room of over 300 people, she was siting behind me and became my partner for this exercise.  I gave her a relic that had been given to me by my grandmother in 1997.

Dr. Weiss had us all be silent with the piece and hold it close to us and then share what came to mind with our partner.  I had Mickey’s watch and saw the same image of her repeating itself.  I saw her face framed in blue and felt Joy while looking at her.  When I repeated it to her she said she had come to Omega seeking joy.  Just Joy.  I felt better because I really wanted to find more but she was quite pleased and gave me a big smile when I reported my “Vision”.

Then she told me mine.  She saw a man who looked like me smiling at me and she saw a hammer.  She saw a woman with the man who was constantly smiling and laughing and happy.  The woman was on a porch and there was lemonade and the man was in a golf cart on a path.  He was sitting in the cart saying he was proud of me and his cart was on a long path.  She said, “He is LIKE you.”  She described my grandparents and the scenes from a video I made of them the weekend my grandmother gave me the relic Mickey was holding. When I showed her the picture of my grandparents, she started crying and said that was the woman she saw.  The man was a younger version of my grandfather but the same face.  I am still trying to figure out the presence of the hammer but the other pieces of her vision were spot on.  My connection to my grandparents was very strong when they were alive and I think of them every day.  Mickey connected to this vivid memory from an object that connected me to them.


In the span of three days I did not have a past life regression.  I did see many images but never walked through a scene from the past.  Dr. Weiss told us that kind of experience takes practice.  The clear connection to my grandparents and other events and images uncovered while I was in a peaceful state was rich, really rich.

While I was on line for registration, lunch, dinner and enjoying a walk in the labyrinth on campus I made other beautiful connections.  It was a pleasure to meet, Liz the Yogi, Lorraine the Horse Whisperer, Karen the Healer, Denise the Anesthesiologist, Dana, the Bag Blogger and an of course, Mickey who saw my grandparents.

Omega is a space for healing.  You don’t need to be broken to be there.  In fact, the balance of people seeking deep healing and those coming for an affirmation or strengthening (me) created a beautiful circle of energy and ultimately powerful connections.

People were there to receive and share and connect.

In this crazy world, personal connections are harder and harder to make because we can often carry our heavy loads into the spaces we enter.  I was there to learn more about my intuition and what I learned was that we never know when we are going to make a connection and what it means for the long term.  Allowing space for stillness makes us more of aware of these connections and what they mean.

Dr. Weiss explained on the first night that when we made contact with this part of our souls we are identifying unconditional love.  It is our basic human desire to be connected to others and to have relationships that fill our hearts.

This was empowering, cool stuff.  Facing a new week is a lot easier after having a weekend like this!

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Elizabeth Benjamin July 15, 2013 at

You could share the same story a million times and I will still have the same reaction, tears of the heart. Life is simple, unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and kindness. When we embrace these qualities we open our hearts. You are an example of this and your partner connected to it. This is when miracles happen!


Johnna July 15, 2013 at

It sounds like an amazing and life altering experience, having had the pleasure of seeing your grandparents video, I am amazed and happy that that memorie is the one to come thru… I look forward to experiencing this work shop.. Thank you for sharing.


Dan M. September 20, 2013 at

Jeanne, that is an amazing experience you had! Wow.

It’s a mystery as to how (and why) collective consciousness works but I have heard too many stories like yours to think otherwise. I hope you have kept in touch with Mickey!

You’re right about the utter importance of stillness. I’m on that path myself and find it’s pretty challenging. Our society is designed to distract us, I believe. Truth lies within and you can only access it by being still.

I want to hear more about Omega and want to visit there myself! Thank you for shedding a light on it.


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