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I learned the power of banter from my grandfather.  He was the Chairman of Toastmasters of Long Island, a top salesperson for Liberty Mutual, a volunteer in his community, a fun guy to play golf with and a man with the gift of gab.  He was one of the most powerful influences in my life. 

The kind of banter I enjoyed with him on a regular basis is harder to find these days.   I was lucky enough to enjoy it last night with a former colleague who has become an invaluable friend and this morning with my little men. These moments gave me food for thought and filled my heart.

The conveniences we enjoy with advances in technology are infinite.  Yet, it has in some cases removed the fulfilling elements of live exchange from our day. 

See what you can do this weekend to turn off the gadgets and look into more faces, listen to and tell some stories.  If there were cameras in heaven, I would be able to show you a pro at work. Here’s to my Pa and the power of banter.

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Liz Kay March 1, 2013 at

Great post Jeanne! I agree – move AWAY from the gadgets!


Frank Savoldy March 4, 2013 at

Beautiful Jeanne! Pa would agree with you as well, he hated computers and cell phones, he would not like texting instead of TALKING and face to face Banter. Communication needs to be more face to face Banter we are losing touch with who people really are by not seeing facial expression, body expression etc. Love you Uncle Francis (Pa 2)


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