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Jeanne Stafford individual coachingI try to be home by “bedtime” for my kiddies five nights a week.  That is quite a task some weeks but as often as possible I try to make that happen.  Last week I arrived home at 9:30 and my 11 year old, Harry was still up.  His babysitter whispered to me that he needed to go over something before he went bed. 

Harry had his electives (for next year) out for me to read and wanted to review each description as he placed them in the order of his preference.  So we talked about Mythology and Sports History and he told me what he knew about “myths” and confessed sports history would be a preference above the former.  I told him I was impressed that it made it to the list and that I was proud of him. Then we headed up to bed and I tucked him in, we said prayers and I asked him as I always do, “What was your favorite part of your day?” He looked at me and said, “This.”

I will never think of “This” in the same way again.  Make the time for the simple exchanges and you can have “This” too!

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Deb Hauser January 9, 2014 at

I too try to make it home every night to spend time with my chicklets, and often when I arrive, I’m spent….tired of being needed, tired of trying to complete the task at hand, crossing things off the list….but, no matter what happens during my day, good or bad, it all washes away during those “it” moments… sitting on the side of the bed, hearing what their day brought (usually much of the same in a smaller package) to confirm that “this” is “why”…


Jeanne Stafford February 28, 2014 at

It is indeed, “Why”. I love your admissions here, it can be so tiring and worth every moment! Keep up the great work and take care of YOU.
Love, Jeanne


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