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Motivational Speaking + Workshops for Teams

Motivational Speaking for TeamsEnergize your team to move beyond barriers.
Collaborate with me to create productive solutions within the workplace. My model is hands-on and participatory and may consist of any combination of talks, trouble-shooting discussions, and improvisational exercises.

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Networking Events + Training


For Groups

Experience Jeanne’s Networking Dinners – a space for smart discussion between people, and the ultimate opportunity for networking and broadening your reach.

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Parents Coaching Jeanne M. Stafford

For Parents

Every child has immense potential waiting to be tapped. Work with me to bolster communication and confidence so you can empower your child to positively fly!

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Jeanne M. Stafford Coaching

For Individuals

It’s 100% possible for every person to find happiness and enjoy a fulfilling personal and professional life. I’ll help you reach your highest goals at work and at home.

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